Marijuana Medibles Trademark Under Fire – Big Pharma Moves In On American Marijuana Industry

Medibles Trademark Dispute

ARE YOU A LOVER OF MARIJUANA MEDIBLES? THE POPULARITY OF THC / CBD INFUSED EDIBLE PRODUCTS – KNOWN AS “MEDIBLES’ – PROVES TOO ENTICING FOR CORPORATE GREED TO IGNORE. The American Marijuana Industry may still be in it’s infancy stages, but one thing is for sure – it’s not being ignored by Pharmaceutical Companies and […] Read more »

Washington Marijuana State Taxes Likely to be Shared with City and County Governments

Washington Marijuana Tax

Washington Marijuana Taxes Likely to be Shared with City and County Governments across State – are the numbers proof that Legalizing Cannabis can work for everyone? Sadly, the big winner in the legalization of Washington Marijuana is illegal drug dealers. That’s got to change. The decriminalization of marijuana for recreational purposes was sold to voters […] Read more »

Colorado’s Windfall of Pot Taxes May Trigger Up to $30 Million in Refunds

Marijuana Tax Refund

Residents of Colorado may be getting another type of refund besides their income taxes; “Reefer Refund” could be headed toward their bank accounts. Colorado may be required to refund a hefty portion of taxes back to its citizens, thanks in part to a rush of marijuana-related revenue that was initially supposed to go toward supporting […] Read more »

‘Premium Marijuana’ Business To Launch in Washington by Jamen Shively, Former Microsoft Manager

Jamen Shively

Jamen Shively is looking to cash in on the green. The former Microsoft manager told Seattle’s KIRO that he’s planning on getting into the “premium marijuana” business now that weed is legal in Washington. “By creating the category of premium marijuana, we want to position it similar to a fine cognac, a fine brandy, a fine cigar,” Shively told […] Read more »